Being an entrepreneur at heart: pride, passion and trust

I want to share some thoughts about what being an entrepreneur means to me. Hope you enjoy it. 

Life-changing experience

Your work here shouldn’t be seen as a job. If you are looking for a “job”, look elsewhere


If you are not learning enough, look elsewhere

Know the business

Understand what we are building as a team. Seek to truly know people. Make the most of the journey

Love what you do

This is not a nine to five job

Make your own destiny

Benefit from ownership, responsibilities given to you

Build something

If you are not building something special, look elsewhere for a “job”

Be informed

Seek to learn, seek to know


Make the most of this life changing experience. Ask for ownership for different tasks, from different departments

Emotional ownership

Own with passion


Take lots of pictures, keep the memorabilia

Laugh daily

If you are not having fun, look elsewhere for a “job”

Culture builder/keeper

Be part of building our culture, influence, be passionate about your ideas

Written by Nica Faustino, January 2013

By legalvideonetwork

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