Video Conferencing etiquette while on iPad, Android devices

I would like to share some insight for whenever you decide to roll-out video conferencing to mobile devices. 

  1. Keep your device static, avoid moving it around during the video call
  2. Use external earphones, microphones for optimum audio quality
  3. Avoid tapping on desk, very sensitive mics will send the “tac tac tac” through the audio channel
  4. Attempt to check bandwidth available (uplink and downlink of 384kbps should provide acceptable call quality)
  5. Do not move around without a true need for it
  6. Check your image, position on self-view to ensure the camera is focused on you instead of the ceiling, door, desk
  7. Prefer using WiFi over the unreliable 3G connectivity
  8. Attempt to be in a quiet room, good lighting and minimum background noise

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