Top 10 reasons how law firms can benefit from video conferencing

I would like to share with you ten reasons why you might want to consider
using videoconferencing in your law firm.

1. Invite lawyers, judges, etc. from across the country and around the world to
participate as guest speakers in a class seminar.
2. Participate as a guest speaker at another university or conference in the comfort
of your own office.
3. Be in two places at one time whether at one conference and speaking at another,
on vacation but available for meetings or presentations, etc. This is also a great
solution if you inadvertently double-book yourself.
4. Facilitate or participate in meetings without the hassles or costs (time and $$$)
associated with travel.
5. Collaborate on articles or other projects with individuals from other universities or
law firms.
6. Hold two conferences simultaneously and have keynote speakers present at one
location while delivering their presentations to both audiences.
7. Share courses between campuses and with other universities.
8. Solve the problem of what to do if your guest speaker is not able to travel to your
conference or meeting because of weather-related or other issues.
9. Use for tenure review meetings or preliminary interviewing of faculty candidates.
10. Stream live or record your conference for future viewing, sharing with others, or archiving

This post was brought you by Legal Video Network.

By legalvideonetwork

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