Tax investigation via video conferencing

The State Tax Service in Ukraine has signed an agreement on the supply of video communications systems for those of its units engaged in pre-trial investigations, the press service has said.

“The new system will reduce the costs of investigations. Specifically, the interviewing of witnesses and suspects, confrontations, the identification of excise stamps, passports, stamps and other documents can be done without having to make business trips. This will save both the time of the tax service staff and budget funds, which were spent on trips to the regions when investigating high-profile cases,” reads the report.

The tax service said that video conferencing is an important innovation for investigations into economic crimes, as in most cases criminals use the interregional networks of fictitious companies and evidence has to be collected throughout the country and abroad.

The tax service hopes that the introduction of the communications system will accelerate the process of collecting evidence. In addition, it is entailed by the requirements of the new Criminal Procedure Code, which will come into force from November 19, 2012.

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